About US

Faith Global Exchange

Faith Global Exchange was incorporated in the United States in December 2012.

Got the MSB license in March 2021.

MSB Registration Number: 31000185695499 (Click To The Search Page)

The virtual currency market is gradually opening up, the connectivity of capital flows,

and the relationship between the global market and China’s national market and

residents are getting deeper.

Faith Global Exchange, Dubai Dubai’s investment experience and the stable strength of

the investment research team, brings together the advantages, services and connections

of shareholder companies, is committed to developing offshore and cross-border asset

management businesses, and promoting the integration of global financial markets.

Forex Business

Faith Global Exchange does its best to target several currency exchanges, trading

strategy models, quantitative trading, risk control, and system reproducibility.

Crypto Business

Faith Global Exchange based on the experience of forex business, coupled with the

deepening concept of value investment, research and layout have been carried out,

and stable and considerable returns have been created.

Our vision is to help more users profit in the trading market!